Monarch Media Receives Two Omni Gold Awards For Educational Solutions

To help our clients understand Section 508 accessibility requirements, Monarch Media developed an interactive video titled Section 508 Compliance for Digital Content. It introduces viewers to the standards and best practices. They learn:

  • Concepts and critical requirements for being Section 508 compliant
  • Tips on how to make your eLearning both accessible and usable, such as ensuring you include instructions to help users find what they need
  • Definitions of the terms associated with accessibility requirements
  • A case study that brings everything together

新濠天地网上开户You can on Monarch Media’s YouTube channel.

About Monarch Media

新濠天地网上开户Monarch Media is a leader in creating eLearning and mLearning solutions across the globe. For more than 17 years, we’ve helped leading corporations, government agencies, universities, schools, and nonprofits accomplish their training and educational goals by blending the right technology solutions with superior instructional and user experience expertise to deliver effective, compelling online learning experiences.

About The Omni Awards:

The Omni Awards are owned and operated by Media Corp Inc., which exists to recognize outstanding media productions that engage, empower and enlighten. We are primarily focused in the converging fields of Film, Video, TV, Website and App development. As a nationally known award competition, we have developed our reputation by only awarding those people who exemplify the highest standards of quality.

Media Corp, Inc., is also dedicated to educating and training higher education students. Media Corp, Inc., has participated in training students for several events, including every Olympics since 1988. We believe that today’s students will lead tomorrow’s media companies. By offering them real-world experience during these formative years, they will be able to handle the stress and challenges of tomorrow.