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Future-Proof Learning Systems

At Monarch Media, we know how important it is for our technical solutions to work for an entire organization, regardless of its distribution across a single office, multiple states, or different countries. We also know that once a solution is implemented, it should maintain its relevance for years to come.

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Evaluating an Online Course: Before, During and After

Evaluating the content and design of your course with direct input from your audience is a hallmark of user-centered design. It can greatly improve the outcomes of the courses you create. We recommend surveying your audience before and after designing your course to collect valuable data. It’s also helpful to look at the data your LMS collects on users to see how they interact with the course.

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How to Build a Digital Library: Disseminating Information to a Nationwide Learning Community

新濠天地网上开户In today’s fast-paced informational age, finding the right information when you need it can be a difficult task. This is where an online learning community, or community of practice, can be a great benefit. Creating a digital library of curated content with advanced search capabilities allows individuals to access information quickly.

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